You probably picked up this book because you thought you would be learning about makeup. And in a sense you are, but probably not the makeup you think. This isn't a book about the physical  makeup we apply to our faces everyday, but about getting made up in God's Word. We live in a society where we are consumed with our outer appearance. We have become more concerned what our appearance looks like before man than what our heart looks like before God. Our issue is not that we don't have the right tools, it's that we lack the desire to apply them. I wrote this book because the world doesn't need another makeup lesson or tutorial teaching us how to perfect our brows or apply our foundation flawlessly. Some of us can do our makeup with our eyes closed, but don't know our way through the Bible. The same way we apply our makeup is the same way God desires for us to apply His Word. Through the next 21 days as you go on this journey with me I pray your heart would be transformed and you would allow God to make you up and make you over in His image. Each day you'll find a makeup lesson, scriptures, a prayer, questions, a face chart, and section to reflect. The face chart is placed there for you to fill in so that you can see yourself wearing God's Word (refer to the products page). Lord open our hearts and minds as we commit to opening Your Word. Teach us and give us clarity and understanding as we are faced with each lesson. We are available and ready to learn. Amen.