“I love makeup. I would never buy it and not wear it. And one day as I was praying and spending time with God He gave me an amazing word to meditate on. He said “If you wouldn’t buy makeup and not wear it, why have a bible and never wear it? Makeup is meant to be applied and so is the Word of God.” God doesn’t just want us to read His Word, but to read it, study it, and apply it to our lives daily. He wants people to see His Word applied and written all over us.”

What products (attitudes, thoughts, and actions) does your life consist of? Are you applying products that reflect God or the world? As women of God our faces (spirits) should be made up of the things of God and not the world. In the society we live in today we are told that outward beauty is more important than inward beauty, but God cares about your heart. God doesn’t care about how much makeup you apply to your face, but if you’re allowing Him to make you up on the inside. “We make up our faces physically, but it is God who makes up our faces spiritually.” God doesn’t just want us applying makeup to our faces, but applying His Word every day. God wants a deeper relationship with you and it starts with your heart. He wants your all. He wants your heart turned to Him and away from anything that would draw you away. He wants to “Kiss and Make up” with you… Are you ready?


Through this book readers will:
•Learn how to apply makeup
•Develop a stronger & deeper relationship with God
•Discover who God is & Who He wants to be in your life
•Learn how to apply the Word of God to your life daily
•Learn the importance of inner beauty
•Learn how to apply the right products both physically & spiritually