"For many years throughout my life I lived beneath the line of happiness and joy, they were far from me. I lived with misery by my side and walked with darkness as my companion. I walked through life feeling empty, discontented, and unsatisfied, looking for fulfillment in people and things. But I never found the satisfaction I desired because it could never truly be satisfied through them, only God. As I began to seek God, I discovered all I needed was found in Him. I realized I felt so empty because I lacked a connection, I lacked intimacy with Him. I was full of temporary things that only made me feel empty and not the fullness of God's presence. Do you feel empty? Do you desire to experience true intimacy that will fill your longing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? God desires to fulfill your longing. Through this book I want to take you on a journey to help you discover the true kiss of intimacy with God."


Through this book readers will:
•Learn what true intimacy is
•Discover aspects of God’s heart
•Learn what it means to be in a marriage relationship whether single or married
•Learn how to develop intimacy with God
•Learn how God views us & how He desires that we view Him